An interesting little story, not a kiss-and-tell scandal.

Sometime last year, I can't remember when exactly, a nice lady from the BBC asked if she could interview me about our lovely, super-insulated, cutting edge, eco-friendly, bespoke (you get the idea) garden rooms.

"Of course, delighted, whenever you like - I think you'll be pleasantly surprised," I replied.

The big day arrived. The showroom and I had made a bit of an effort. We were clean and tidy and had been squirted with something pleasant-smelling! It was live radio after all.

I had no prior knowledge of what questions might be asked, but as always, I was prepared for any eventuality. The BBC were only looking for an interesting little story after all, not a kiss and tell scandal. I was squeaky clean, no dirt to dish, the showroom was looking amazing, my shoes were polished - we were ready.

"Oooh!" she cooed, as I effortlessly slid open the door. "Wow!" she exclaimed, as she stepped into the super-insulated, all year round cosiness of the room. "It''s like..." she stuttered. It's amazing right? Secretly you really want one don't you? I thought, as she stood, eyes wide open.

She continued, "It's like, it's like a posh shed isn't it?"

"Say again," I asked, as she pulled out her microphone and fiddled with the on/off switch. 

"It's like a posh shed really isn't it?" she said, pushing the microphone towards my mouth.

"Er..yes, I suppose it is really, in a way but....." I replied.